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Fat or pregnant?

March 27, 2012

I went over to the Public Defender’s Office to pick up any discovery they had for me. I was standing there watching the gal check the box when one of their female clients walked up, slapped me in the stomach and said, “Are you fat or pregnant? Jesus, you look huge!”

I was almost speechless. I could barely stammer, “I work out every day…” before I staggered out the doors.

So, what do you think? Vote fat or pregnant.


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  1. Michelle greene permalink

    Neither silly man. Dont let some tweaker get to you. She lucky i wasn’t there. I have a hard time…. Biting my tongue. You look good honey.

  2. I would’ve asked her the same thing. What nerve!
    Tell her to bitch at HER husband about things like that….Oh maybe she isn’t married and that’s why….

  3. Lynn Metzler permalink

    Yea I would have like to see her !!! How rude of a person !!! You look great hon don’t listen to the jerk. Love ya more mom

  4. Donald Greene permalink


  5. Georgann Greene permalink

    I agree with all of the above. Don’t give it another thought. She isn’t worth the effort to get worked up over.

  6. Jacob Greene permalink

    Why do you listen to randoms? Dad I get called gay at school just because i dont wear the coolest shirt and have the coolest shoes or whatever. You just shouldn’t care about what others think about you, and show the public the image that YOU want to show. (as long as your look you want to have is the hobo look with long shaggy hair and a Osama Bin Laden beard with kitchen rags as clothes.) Stay Confident 🙂

    • Thank you, I guess. By the way, those kitchen rags I wear were custom made for me by the finest tailors in Hong Kong. And my beard looks great. And please notice how I didn’t even mention that prior to your recent haircut you looked like an extra in a Beatles movie from 1967. I figured the throwback look was in style amongst your crew. Or your mom was saving money on haircuts. Either way…Keep it real.

  7. Erica Greene permalink

    I agree she was being so rude along with being wrong. You look neither.

  8. Michelle greene permalink

    Babe you are a beautiful person inside and out. Anyone who says different is either unhappy with their own life, thinks they better than others, or just an ugly person. Our world is filled with people that have no respect for others.. And that’s not how we should treat people. Again she was glad I wasn’t there with u. I dont like rude people. And honey you look hot with your beard and with what u wear. Don’t change a thing. Kiss kiss.

    • Thank you. I am always worried about my appearance, since I am in the public eye so much. I don’t want people to get the wrong impression from the way I look. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to improve.

      • Michelle greene permalink

        **smack smack smack** you are perfect. Don’t change a thing.

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