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CrossFit Games Open 12.1 aka “Seven Minutes of Hell”

March 14, 2012

Sometimes I just love CrossFit. This first CrossFit Games worldwide contest this year was to see who could do the most number of burpees in seven minutes, jumping at least six inches off the ground each time. It’s simple, uses no equipment and is devastatingly difficult. It’s an instant classic.

I did fifty-two burpees. A gymnast in Moscow did 161 in seven minutes, verified on videotape, for the world record.  Wow. That is more than three times as many as I was able to do. That’s just insane. Lots of people, inclusing one guy who lives in Tehachapi, did more than one hundred. That’s incredible all by itself.

By the way, despite taking four days off to recuperate from “Cindy” and impending overtraining, this is still my ninth workout this month. I am on track to get to twenty by the end of this month, my goal. Yay me!


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One Comment
  1. Michelle greene permalink

    I dont know how you do it sometimes honey. Those workouts make me sore just watching you. Lol love you.

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